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No Computer needed.  Simply pick up the phone and dial.   
No Memberships / No Minimums  / No Mumbo Jumbo - What you see is what you get!

Our Psychic Readers and company is respected:

*   Our clients return because they see our quality service.
*   Our reputation is appreciated for consistency and expertise in the industry.
*   Our clients' feedback means dearly to us. 
*   Our ethnical standards are based on care for your experience.  
*   We are watchful of questionable practices that have been subjected to media scrutiny.  Your experience on Absolutely Psychic will be the best because we hire ONLY the Best Psychics.  The company operates under the utmost reverence for clients and staff.  

Whether you elect a Phone Reading or Chat Reading, rest assured our professionals have been thoroughly screened and tested prior to being listed on our Network in either division.

You can watch our Master Psychics on Free Psychic Reading Night/Chat Party doing 5 minutes free readings.   Get a Mini Reading & review logs from previous events.  Great way to test for yourself prior to purchasing time for a private reading.  
We don't need  say our Psychics are the Best, our clients do all day long! 

WEBSTER'S definitions:
psy.chic (si`kik), adj. Also psy`chi-cal. 1. of or pertaining to the human soul or mind; mental (apposed to physical). 2. Psychol. pertaining or noting mental phenomena. 3. outside of scientific or natural knowledge; spiritual. 4. of or pertaining to some apparently nonphysical force or supernatural nature: psychic research; psychic phenomena. 5. sensitive to influences or forces of a nonpysical or supernatural nature_n. 6. a person who is alledgedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces; medium. [1855-60 Gk psychikosof the soul See PSYCHE, IC] -psy`chi-cal-ly, adv.




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